Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Summers in Boston

Before my writing seminar this evening, two female students were discussing whether their laptops were compatible with the exam software that enables law students to take exams on their laptops. Very nonchalantly, they concluded that they were going to handwrite their exams (these are three hour exams, written in the infamous bluebook).

I piped up that I'm planning on spending $300 on a used thinkpad so that I wouldn't have to handwrite my exams (I have a iBook). I commented that since they were girls, they probably knew how to "write by hand." They were amused by my choice of words and seemingly offended that I categorized them based on gender. Thankfully, some other people in the room, including some other females, quickly corroborated my stereotyping. Guys generally have barely legible handwriting, as opposed to girls.

It was just amusing.


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